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150 Maceratable Wipe Soft Pack


  • Medipal Detergent Wipes have a innovative low-smear formula, providing effective cleaning power without leaving visible residue on glass and stainless steel.
  • High strength & ultra low linting Tritex wipe material reduces the risk of wipes tearing or leaving fibre contamination on surfaces.

Medipal® Detergent wipes are made of a naturally derived solution offering excellent cleaning power with low residual smear. They are intended for use within healthcare environments for multi-surface cleaning, damp dusting and cleaning prior to disinfection.


They are infused with a hint of lemon scent, have a neutral pH and are alcohol free meaning they are gentle on surfaces. They are suitable for cleaning many surfaces including mattresses, countertops, bed frames as well as non invasive devices.


Available in a number of different pack formats, Medipal® Detergent wipes are convenient to store at the point of use and cut down on cleaning time by reducing the need for cloths and buckets. They are designed for routine ward cleaning or for quick mopping up of stubborn dirt and messy spills, leaving surfaces clean and ready for disinfection.


A large soft pack of 150 wipes ideally suited for general clean ups of spillages or wiping down dirty surfaces within healthcare environments. The wipes are made of a soft absorbent material that can be disposed of in a macerator after use. These wipes are made from 100% natural fibre and are biodegradable.

150 Maceratable Wipe Soft Pack - Detergent Wipes

    • 200 x 200
    • 150 wipes per pack 6 packs per case
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