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Product Detail:
Transparent Polypropylene tube used in various laboratory blood collection analyses.
Fixed label indicating the blood volume to be drawn
CE marked
Color-coded in accordance to international standards

Blood Collection Tube - Push Cap - Round Bottom

    • Tube manufactured using Polypropylene

    • Cap manufactured using Polypropylene

    • 10ML Screw Cap-Flat bottom-Plain

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Screw Cap-Flat bottom-Fluoride Oxalate

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Push Cap- Round Bottom-K3EDTA

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Push Cap- Round Bottom-Sodium Citrate

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Push Cap-Push Cap- Round Bottom-Fluoride Oxalate

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Push Cap-Round Bottom-Lithium Heparin

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Push-Round Bottom-Plain

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Screw Cap- Flat bottom-Plain

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Screw Cap-Flat bottom-Lithium Heparin

    • 2.5ML & 5ML Screw Cap-Flat bottom-Sodium Citrate

    • 2.5ML & 5MLScrew Cap- Flat bottom-K3EDTA

    • 2.5ML &5ML Screw Cap

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