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Product Details:
Compact and highly portable Bodily Fluids Spill Kit for emergency use on up to two spills.

Bodily Fluid Spill Kit

  • GV Health Spill Packs and Kits hold the NHS Supply Chain contract for biohazard cleaning. Small size kit suitable for areas where the risk / frequency of spillages is low or space is limited. Used throughout the NHS in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and ambulances; dental and veterinary practices; nursing and care homes, schools, offices, businesses, ships, aircraft etc. Safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders.

    Refill packs can be purchased separately for all biohazard spill kits.

    • 2 x packs for blood spillages
    • 2 x packs for vomit and urine spillages
    • Illustrated step-by-step instructions
    • Record card
    • Hard sided, lightweight bright yellow case
    • Wall mount
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